Exploring/Defining the Research Landscape Within the Discipline of Architecture

What is the structure of research today? A series of presenters will give short presentations that represent different forms of research including history & theory, social sciences, and science-based models.

Caryn Brause, AIA, Assistant Professor
TAD Design Editor
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Marc J. Neveu, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Editor of JAE and Associate Dean of the School of Architecture
Woodbury University

Bess Krietemeyer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Design Researcher, Syracuse Center of Excellence
Syracuse University

Joon-Ho Choi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Director of Human-Building Integration Research Group
University of Southern California

Lynne Dearborn, Ph.D., Associate Professor
President-Elect ACSA
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Contextualizing Your Research

How does your research contribute to the field? Presenters will discuss the importance of understanding the spectrum of research already happening through literature/existing research reviews and demonstrate how they found an appropriate focus within their areas.

Andrzej Zarzycki, RA, Associate Professor
TAD Executive Editor
New Jersey Institute of Technology

William W. Braham, PhD, FAIA, Professor of Architecture
Director, Center for Environmental Building and Design
University of Pennsylvania

Pari Riahi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Department of Architecture
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mark Clayton, Ph.D.
William M. Peña Professor of Information Management
Texas A&M University


Understanding Your Resources: Internal and External

How do you support your research through funding or other resources? Three researchers will present on the topic of funding from internal sources to writing for external grants, the spectrum of external funding types and sources for architectural researchers, and creating a funding strategy for research projects.

Marci S. Uihlein, PE, Associate Professor
TAD Editorial Board, BTES Past-President,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Hazem Rashed-Ali, Associate Professor
President of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium,
University of Texas at San Antonio

Kate Simonen, AIA, SE, Associate Professor
Founding Director of the Carbon Leadership Forum,
University of Washington

Ryan E. Smith, Associate Dean for Research
Director of the Integrated Technology in Architecture Collaborative,
University of Utah


Maximizing Your Impact/Dissemination

Maximizing Your Impact. How do you share your research with your chosen audience? In this webinar three presenters will reveal how the impact of your research work can be measured through examining indexes, citations, social media, and more; and provide insight into how to position your research to maximize your impact.

Chad Kraus, Associate Professor
TAD Editorial Board, Dirt Works Studio, Director,
University of Kansas

Barbara Opar, Architectural Librarian
Chaired the Architecture Core Reference Task Force,
Syracuse University

Rose Orcutt, Art, Architecture, and Planning Librarian
Vice President/President Elect of the Association of Architecture School Librarians,
University at Buffalo

Mahbub Rashid, PhD, Professor
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies,
University of Kansas