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Technology | Architecture + Design
Volume 1: Issue 2


The Mirror Stage
Andrzej ZarzyckiORCID iD icon, Executive Editor

Disengage, Augment, Adapt
Jeana Ripple, Issue Editor


Research and Architecture’s Knowledge Loop 
Thomas Fisher

Simulation and Design of Hybrid Human-Natural-Technological Systems
Marina Alberti

Architecture from the Bottom-up
Daekwon Park

Computational Design Synergy: Stimulation Through Simulation
Alvise Simondetti and David Birch

Computational Doppelgängers
Nataly Gattegno and Jason Kelly Johnson

Bespoke and Organic: Simulation toward Simplification, Repetition, and Rationalization
James O’Donnell, David J. Gerber, and Shibo Ren

Research Methodologies

The Limits of Simulation: Towards a New Culture of Architectural Engineering
Jan Knippers

The Bullitt Center: A Comparative Analysis between Simulated and Operational Performance
Robert Peña, Chris Meek, and Dylan Davis

Peer Review

Model-based Optimization for Architectural Design—Optimizing Daylight and Glare in Grasshopper
Thomas Wortmann

The Buzz Metric: A Graph-based Method for Quantifying Productive Congestion in Generative Space Planning for Architecture
Danil Nagy, Lorenzo Villagi, James Stoddart, and David Benjamin

Performance Based Simulations for Membrane-based Enclosures
Helen Bergstrom, Ryan Abendroth, Jonathan Knowles, and Derek Stein

Benchmarking the Embodied Carbon of Buildings
Kathrina Simonen, Barbara X. Rodriguez, and Catherine De Wolf

Archaeo-tectural Translations: New Roles for the Field Architect 
Tim Frank, Christina Luke, and Christopher H. Roosevelt

Drawing Disruptions: Representing Automated Distortions of Multi-
Perspectival Form

Joshua M. Taron and Matthew Parker

Disrupting the Status Quo with Early-Stage BIM-Based Energy Modeling
Jenn McArthur and Xi Sun


Chris Ford, Associate Editor

Jon Christensen on
“Effective Data Visualization: The Right Chart for the Right Data” 
by Stephanie D.H. Evergreen
and “Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design”
by Andy Kirk

Kendall Nicholson on
“The Truthful Art: Data, Charts and Maps for Communication” 
by Alberto Cairo

Martin Hogue on
“Cartographic Grounds: Projecting the Landscape Imaginary” 
by Jill Desimini & Charles Waldheim

Wes McGee on
“Prototyping for Architects: Real Building for the Next Generation of Digital

by Jane Burry & Mark Burry

Michael Leighton Beaman on
Symposium: “Mass Customization &
Design Democratization”” 

Ted Shelton on
“Cellular Fabrication by Branch Technology”” 

Zheng Tan on
Smog Free Tower 
by Studio Roosegaarde


The list of peer reviewers for issues 1:1 (Viral) and 1:2 (Simulations)