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Technology | Architecture + Design
Volume 2: Issue 2


Zen of Python: Principle 8
Andrzej ZarzyckiORCID iD icon, Executive Editor

Quantification and Quality in Architecture and Design
Clare OlsenORCID iD icon, Issue Editor


Everything That Can Be Measured Will Be Measured
Scott Marble

Balancing Design Conjecture and Research Analytics
Martin Bechthold

Waste and Tolerance in Design and Construction
Bill Kreysler

Cyber-Physical Systems and the Built Environment
Dennis Shelden

URBOT’S Sons & Daughters: From Neutral to Nudge
Dana Buntrock and Norihisa Kawashima

Interview with Greg Lynn: Forward-Thinking Land Drones
Greg Lynn interview with Clare Olsen

Research Methodologies

Post-Occupancy Testing of Thermal Dynamics of Design-Build Residences in Tucson, Arizona
Mary Hardin

Challenges and Opportunities in Quantifying and Evaluating Building Sustainability
Joshua Kneifel and Eric O’Rear

Peer Review

Made-to-Measure: Automated Drawing and Material Craft
Scott Overall, John Paul Rysavy, Clinton Miller, William Sharples, Christopher Sharples, Sameer Kumar, Andrea Vittadini, and Victoire Saby

Climate Adaptive Volume: Solving the Motion Envelope of a Reconfigurable Cooling Aperture for Desert Climate
Dorit Aviv and Axel Kilian

The Impact of Measurement Research on Prefabrication and Modulation in SOM’s Postwar Housing and Office Buildings
Hyun-Tae Jung

Profiling Occupancy Patterns to Calibrate Urban Building Energy Models (UBEMs) Using Measured
Data Clustering
Rawad El Kontar and Tarek Rakha

Experiments Toward Hyper-Local Reverse Heat Flow Assemblies
Lars Junghans, Daniel Tish, Dustin Brugmann, Kathy Velikov, and Geoffrey Thün

From Instrument to Architecture: Environmental Models as Design Tools
Lisa Moffitt

Nature and the City: Measuring the Attention Restoration Benefits of Singapore’s Urban Vertical Greenery
Stephanie Timm, Lynne Dearborn, and Jason Pomeroy


Chris Ford, Associate Editor

Enter. Return.
Sean Anderson on
Exhibit: “Thinking Machines: Art and Design in the Computer Age, 1959–1989” 

Ulrich Dangel on
“Tall Wood Buildings: Design, Construction, and Performance”
by Michael Green and Jim Taggart

Stephanie Carlisle on
Tableau and Microsoft Power BI 

Michael Shamiyeh on
“Radical Technologies”
by Adam Greenfield

The Measure of All Things: Toward an Architecture of Information
Barry M. Katz