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Technology | Architecture + Design
Volume 3: Issue 2 Open


Data Integrity and Future Systems
Marci S. Uihlein, Executive Editor

Data in Architecture: Structure and Context
Julian Wang, Issue Editor


Blockchains as Enablers of Participatory Smart Grids
Martin E. Wainstein

Improving Predictions of the Urban Wind Environment Using Data
Catherine Gorlé

Qualitative Data and Design: Understanding the Experiential Qualities of Place
Lynne C. Manzo

FELT: Communicating Emotion Through Textile Expression
Felecia Davis

Research Methodologies

Enhancing Workplace Design through Advanced Floor Plate Analytics
Arjun Kaicker, Uli Blum, Philipp Siedler & Lorena Espaillat

Conducting Human-Centered Building Science at the Well Living Lab
Sara Aristizabal, Paige Porter, Nicholas Clements, Carolina Campanella, Rongpeng Zhang, Kevin Hovde & Chi Lam

Peer Review

OPEN: Call for Papers
Julian Wang

Generative Deep Learning in Architectural Design
David Newton

3D Turntables: Humanizing Architectural Technology Through Hip-Hop
Sekou Cooke

The ‘Air-Wall’: Re-Evaluating a Mid-Twentieth Century Four-Sided Double-Skin Façade
Ute Poerschke, Donghyun Rim, Gen Pei & Homeira Mirhosseini

Clouds and Cataracts: Optical Experiments at Sir John Soane’s Museum
Danielle Willkens

Building Envelope Moisture Transport in the Context of Assembly Aging and Uncertainty
Daniel Chung & Jin Wen

Defining Geometry Levels for Optimizing BIM for VR: Insights from Traditional Architectural Media
Katie Graham, Cailen Pybus, Nicolas Arellano, Joey Doherty, Lara Chow, Stephen Fai & Tyler Grunt


Supradata: The Experiential Dimensions of Data
Chad Kraus

Paola Sanguinetti on
Architecture Design Data: Practice Competency in the Era of Computation
by Phillip G. Bernstein

Design Immersion and Virtual Presence
Luisa Caldas & Mohammad Keshavarzi

Joon-Ho Choi on
Smart Building Design: Conception, Planning, Realization, and Operation
by Maad Bali, Dietmar A. Half, Dieter Polle, and Jürgen Spitz