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Technology | Architecture + Design
Volume 3: Issue 1 Urbanizing



The Speed of Urbanizing
Marci S. Uihlein, Executive Editor

Chris Ford, Issue Editor


Principles for Minimizing Global Land Impacts of Urbanization
Eleanor C. Stokes and Karen C. Seto

The Resilient Design Imperative: A Call for Action
Alice C. Hill

A Case for Infrastructural Opportunism
Linda C. Samuels

Research Methodologies

Designing for Complexity: The Challenge to Spatial Design from Sustainable Human Development in Cities
Luís M. A. Bettencourt

One Belt One Road Urban Observatory (OBORobs)
Rebecca L. H. Chiu and Chris Webster

Barcelona Links: Application of Research by Design to the Study of Urbanism
Josep Parcerisa, Carles Crosas, and Álvaro Clua

Research Beyond Smart Cities
Marcus Foth

Strategies for Sustainable Communities: Landscape-Based Landslide Risk Alleviation in Medellín
Alejandro Echeverri and Carlos Cadena-Gaitán

Mapping the Body: The Use of the Body Mapping Method to Explore Health and the Built Environment in Cape Town, South Africa
Warren Smit and Andrew Tucker

Peer Review

Urbanizing: Call for Papers
Chris Ford

Structural Bamboo Building Codes: Catalysts for Industry, Research, and Construction Technology
David Witte

Morphogenic Spatial Analysis: A Novel Approach for Visualizing Volumetric Urban Conditions and Generating Analytical Morphology
Marshall Prado

Backyard Housing Boom: New Markets for Affordable Housing and the Role of Digital Technology
Alysia Bennett, Dana Cuff, and Gus Wendel

Mixed Reality Visualization of Urban Data
Amber Bartosh and Laura Clark

Delta Urbanism: Aligning Adaptation with the Protection and Restoration Paradigm in Coastal Louisiana
Traci Birch and Jeff Carney


A Ladder
Chad Kraus

Diane E. Davis on
“Too Big: Rebuild by Design: Transformative Approach to Climate Change”
by Henk Ovink and Jelte Boeijenga

Deland Chan on
“Urban Design Thinking: A Conceptual Toolkit”
by Kim Dovey

Nik Luka on
“Learning from Logistics: How Networks Change Our Cities”
by Clare Lyster

Kathy Velikov on
“The City of Tomorrow: Sensors, Networks, Hackers, and the Future of Urban Life”
by Carlo Ratti and Matthew Claudel

Ronald Fergle on
“Building-Integrated Solar Technology: Architectural Design with Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal Energy”
edited by Roland Krippner